About Us

At GiftHulk users can get awesome rewards without spending a dime!

We are a group of young and innovative entrepreneurs.
Over $1,000,000 were awarded to GiftHulk users up to date and GiftHulk was featured at major news outlets – including CBS TV network.
Since we were kids, we continually hear the phrase “Time Is Money”. However, when it comes to surfing on the Internet – the time is wasted and nothing is earned.
We established GiftHulk to make it possible to gain from surfing the web and your online daily activities – this is the main idea behind GiftHulk!
We have also founded Tapporo – Mobile rewards program, that shares the same concept.
The main idea behind GiftHulk is simple: if brands pay for ads and brand discovery – the user that sees the ad and engages with the brand should also be rewarded for his time and efforts!
It just makes it beneficial for both sides!
We want to allow people to get the things that they really want and need – for FREE!
Anyone will be able to enjoy GiftHulk!
You can earn Hulk Coins by engaging with different brands(watching videos, filling surveys and completing other offers).
You can then use your Hulk Coins to purchase different prizes at GiftHulk Store.
Prizes range from PayPal and Amazon.com gift cards to Facebook Credits and even cool gadgets!
You can also enter Sweepstakes for a chance to win prizes – and the chances are GREAT!
You can even earn Hulk Coins just by inviting your friends to join! And when they will earn – you will also earn!
What is important to us?

  •      Fairness
  •      Innovation
  •      Quality
  •      Best user experience
  •      Guaranteed payment
  •      Engagement with our users

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