Getting Started

How does GiftHulk work? is a rewards site. We offer our members multiple ways to earn unique virtual currency – Hulk Coins.
Those Coins can later be redeemed for a wide variety of items in our Hulk Store.
Also, by using Sweepstakes users can win instant prizes – gift cards or material prizes!

Why do I have to register?

In order to earn Hulk Coins and redeem them you will need to register for an account. This allows you to keep track of your earned Coins and receive your redemptions from the Hulk Store.

What are Hulk Coins?

Hulk Coins are unique currency. They can be earned in various ways and then redeemed for various items in Hulk Store. There is no limit of earned/stored/redeemed Hulk Coins.

How can I earn Hulk Coins?

There are many different ways for you to earn  Hulk Coins!
• Search&Win – Use GiftHulk Search as your everyday search engine and you will have a chance to win Hulk Coins, Gifts, Treasure Keys and much more with every search!
• Treasure Chest – Use Treasure Keys for a chance to Win Hulk Coins, Gifts, Discounts, Boosts, Treasure Keys and much more!
• Offer Walls – Simple free surveys, offers, tasks, and videos. You have different Offer Walls to choose from.
• EZ Coins – Special EZ Offers, selected for you by the GiftHulk staff.
• Surveys – Complete surveys for Hulk Coins.
• Tasks – Simple tasks that earn you Hulk Coins upon completion.
• Referring – Refer people to join GiftHulk and enjoy up to 600 Hulk Coins from each referral.
• Search – Earn Hulk Coins just for using GiftHulk Search. You will earn Hulk Coins for 1 search every hour.
• GiftHulk TV – Earn Hulk Coins by watching interesting videos!

GiftHulk Search

What is GiftHulk Search?

GiftHulk Search uses Bing and Yahoo search engines to provide you with the most relevant search results. While using GiftHulk Search, you will be able to earn Hulk Coins for the first search of every hour.

All you have to do – use GiftHulk Search exactly the way you would on any other search engine and you will Earn!

Do I have to be logged into GiftHulk to use GiftHulk Search?

You do not have to be logged into GiftHulk to use GiftHulk Search.
However, you have to be logged into your GiftHulk account in order to win while searching.

I see the message “Your possibility to earn from Search has been suspended”. What happened?

Your possibility to earn from Search has been suspended for 1 day (Left – 24 hours).

This may have happened for one of the following reasons:
* You have searched multiple times without clicking on results at all – this is not normal search behaviour and is usually(done just in order to earn Hulk Coins).
* You have searched multiple times in a row/multiple times a day using similar keywords(done just in order to earn Hulk Coins).
* Your account has been flagged for Search Abuse in one of our frequent automatic reports.

 If you will abuse the Search&Win – you will be temporarily banned from using it.

Just use GiftHulk search as you would normally use the search function in your everyday browsing – and you will not get suspended.

GiftHulk TV

What is GiftHulk TV?

GiftHulk TV is a feature that allows you to earn just by watching videos.


Videos in GiftHulk TV do not count in my TV Progress bar. What happened?

This may happen for one of the following reasons:

  • You didn’t watch a full video.
  • You refreshed the same video page.
  • You opened a number of videos at the same time in multiple tabs/browsers.
  • You skipped back-and-forth between same 2 videos.

If none of this is true in your case – please open Support ticket.

Guess the Card

What is Guess the Card?

When you use chips in Guess the Card game you will have a chance to win Hulk Coins, Fountain of Youth Codes or Boosts.
You have a number of options to play, by guessing the Card, Suit or Rank.

How can I get more Chips?

Each new user gets 5 Chips, which are reset every day.
High-level users get more chips every day, you can read more about it here -
ou can also exchange Hulk Coins for chips or get more chips in EZ Coins Check In / Survey Profilers.

Offer Walls / EZ Coins

How can I complete an offer?

The requirements to complete the offer are written in offer itself. Please use accurate information and complete each offer only once, without refreshing the page.
Advertisers validate your information. Users who provide incorrect information will not be awarded with Hulk Coins. The advertiser will not credit you even if you complete the rest of the offer (including making a payment).

What are “EZ Coins”?

These are EZ Offers, especially selected for you by the GiftHulk staff – the easiest ones to complete and to credit you Hulk Coins!

How many times can I complete an offer?

Unless otherwise stated, you may only complete each offer once.

I completed an offer and didn’t get my Hulk Coins, what can I do?

Make sure that you allow enough time for the offer to credit. Most of the offers take max 15 minutes to credit, but some offers may require some more patience.

Also please make sure that you followed the instructions and completed the offer as requested.

If the problem continues:
• On each Offer wall you will see “Missing Hulk Coins” / “Get Help” Links , use them to report about an offer that didn’t convert into Hulk Coins for you and the Wall Support team will check it for you.
• If the issue is regarding an EZ Coins offer – submit ticket at GiftHulk Support.

How do I cancel or unsubscribe from an offer I completed?

Products and services subscribed or purchased through Offer Walls and EZ Coins offers are all from third-party advertisers. To cancel or unsubscribe from an offer, you will need to contact the advertisers directly.


What are Rebates?

After getting to Gold/Platinum/Diamond level – you will receive a rebate for ALL the items in our GiftHulk Store. The number of Hulk Coins that you will get back on every purchase  depends on your level/prize.

What are Boosts?

After winning a Boost – everything that you will earn at Offer Walls, Surveys, EZ Coins and Tasks – will get an additional percentage of Hulk Coins. The number of Hulk Coins that will be additionally added depends on the Boost that you will win.
You can win Boosts in Guess the Card game.

Where can I find Fountain of Youth codes?

Hulk Fountain of Youth codes are released via GiftHulk’s Facebook / Twitter / Newsletter.
These codes will earn you Hulk Coins when you will enter them at GiftHulk. The code value will be different every time.
You can also win Fountain of Youth codes in Guess the Card game and share them with your friends!
Each code can be used by each user once – if you have a code with more than 1 use, share it with your friends!

What are Fountain of Youth Guess the Card Codes?

These are Fountain of Youth codes that only you can see. You can share them with your friends!
You can see the codes and how many times each one of them was used on the “Fountain of Youth” page.
You can win them  in Guess the Card game.

When I try to enter Fountain of Youth code – it says “Invalid”. What’s wrong?

Make sure you entered the code correctly, without spaces. If the problem continues – your code may have already expired.


How do I refer someone to GiftHulk?

If a new user enters your Invite Code after registration - he will be listed as your referral.
If a new user registers by following your unique referral link – he will be listed as your referral. This link can be posted as HTML code on your various accounts or as a link from a banner.

Someone I referred has signed up, but I didn’t receive 600 Hulk Coins. Why?

You receive 100 Hulk Coins from each referral when they register or enter your Invite Code.
You will receive 500 Hulk Coins from your referral when he/she will earn total of 1000 Hulk Coins by completing Offers / Tasks / Surveys / EZ Coins / Searches / GiftHulk TV.


How many store items can I get with my Hulk Coins?

As long you have the necessary Hulk Coins in your account – you can redeem them for an infinite number of store items.

How will I receive the store item that I have redeemed with my Hulk Coins?

Electronic gift cards are added to your GiftHulk. You can see the gift cards codes in “My Orders”.
Some virtual gifts are added to your other accounts (for example Second Life/PayPal)

Items that are not online gift cards/currencies will be sent to your home address (the shipping cost will be paid by GiftHulk).

When will I get the Gift Card I redeemed?

You will get your redeemed prize in under 7 business days from your redeem date, according to GiftHulk shipping policy.
In case of physical prizes – they will get shipped out in under 7 business days. Your address has to appear correctly in order for your prize to get shipped to you.
You can track your order in My Orders section.
High-Level users will receive their order faster than regular users.

Can I earn Hulk Coins for sending in Photo/Video of my payments?

Yes. Post your payment proof to GiftHulk Facebook page / Any other place on the web (websites, forums etc.) and send us the link with your username.

You will be awarded with Hulk Coins. The earning proof must be yours and must be publicly available (does not require membership or sign-up to see).

Why didn’t I receive my “Shipped to Home Address” order after 7 days?

Shipped orders are being sent out in under 7 business days. Actual shipping time depends on your location and in worst cases can take up to 5-6 weeks(yes, some postal offices are not very effective). Usually it is much faster.


What is Support?

Support is a Help Desk, created and administered by GiftHulk and intended for GiftHulk members.
There, you will be able to submit a Support Ticket regarding any problem that you may encounter while using GiftHulk and our staff will answer you in the most professional way possible!

I have logged in with Facebook and my Hulk Coins are gone! What happened?

It is possible that you created a new account when logging in with Facebook. This can happen if your Facebook e-mail is different from the one that you registered with at GiftHulk. If this is the case – it is advisable to ask us to delete one of the accounts, as you cannot have more than one account at the same time.


How many surveys can I do per day?

As long as there are surveys available for you – you can complete them.

Why did the survey not finish for me?

Sometimes, if the survey provider did not intend the survey for your demographic or it became overquota, you will not be able to complete the survey.


Can I participate in a Task multiple times?

Yes, you can complete each task multiple times, except for Spread the Word, Forum Thread and YouTube video tasks.
These can be done only once per user.

Are there any special Tasks?

Yes, there are special GiftHulk Tasks.

Spread the Word – creating a blog post about GiftHulk.
Forum Thread – creating a forum thread about GiftHulk.
YouTube Video – creating a YouTube video about GiftHulk.

Terms of Use

Who can use GiftHulk?

GiftHulk is currently open to users from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Ireland.

There can be a number of accounts from the same household, as long as each person has only one account and they are not referrals of each other.

My account has been deactivated. Why?

Some actions can cause deactivation of your GiftHulk account.
Examples of such actions: owning more than one GiftHulk account; using bots or other software created to cheat GiftHulk in any way; presenting fake and/or misleading information to GiftHulk support; posting photos, videos or other media that encourage or teach other users to commit any action that violates GiftHulk terms of use; posting inappropriately on or our Facebook, Twitter; presenting fake ID information.